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Founder's Canine Career Begin

Founder Michael Gould begins his canine career as a founding member of the NYPD canine unit.

Mike Becomes the Boss!

Mike becomes the Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Canine Unit, going on to have a 15+ year career in police canine management.

Mike gets the idea to open a pet care facility

As Mike is getting ready to retire from the police department, he has the idea to open a pet care facility after recognizing the need for reliable and honest pet care on Long Island.

First Hounds Town Opens

Mike opens the first Hounds Town location, in a 1,200 - square foot store in Port Jefferson, introducing the idea of interactive daycare to the area.

Mike Gets Deployed

The events of 9/11 in New York call Mike and his private scent detection dog company Canine Consultants to aid in the recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

Mike gets deployed to Naples, Italy, as a member of the naval reserves to run the Military Working Dog program following the terrorist attacks.

Hounds Town Expands

Hounds Town outgrows its first location, so Mike leases the space next door to double the size of the facility.

Second Hounds Town Location Opens

Mike purchases a building in Ronkonkoma and establishes Hounds Town – Ronkonkoma.

Hounds Town - Port Jefferson Expands

After outgrowing the initial Hounds Town location, Mike moves the first store, the Port Jefferson business, to a 7,000-square foot store which becomes Hounds Town - Port Jefferson.

Third Hounds Town Opens and First Franchise is Sold

Mike opens Hounds Town – Farmingdale in April. Hounds Town – Port Jefferson becomes the first franchise!

Hounds Town Expands to FIVE Stores

Hounds Town – Commack Rd. and Island Park open, expanding the Hounds Town system to five locations.

Hounds Town Moves Out of State

Hounds Town South Jersey Shore and Bergen open, the first out of state Hounds Town locations.

Four More Stores Open

Hounds Town expands to Pittsburgh, Florida, Las Vegas, Detroit, Atlanta, Maryland, Nashville, Philadelphia, and North Carolina. Hounds Town - Garden City and Hounds Town - Hicksville stores open in New York, making Long Island a sold out territory.

Eight More Locations and Growing!

After recovering from a challenging year with Covid, Hounds Town USA opened eight more locations and expanded to four new markets, including, Nevada, Maryland, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Steady Growth

With a model that can't be beat, Hounds Town USA continues to grow. In 2022, we opened over 14 locations and 5 new markets, including Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina, and Ohio!

Our Biggest Year Yet!

Hounds Town is picking up momentum with over 15 new locations open across the country!

Hounds Town USA

Founded in 2000 by former NYPD and Nassau County Police canine handler Michael S. Gould, Hounds Town USA offers an affordable and refreshingly straightforward approach to pet care with no hidden fees or extra charges for add-on services!