We Guarantee A Hounds Town Hangover

Through providing a natural pack environment, combined with all day play, and our dog management experience, we know our Townies receive the physical, social, and psychological stimulation they need to reach their full potential.

Each dog leaves at the end of the day feeling tired and happy at, resulting in what we call a “Hounds Town Hangover”.

Two dogs sleeping off their Hounds Town Hangovers after playing at doggy daycare

The Townie Experience

We know that every dog who visits our daycare facility receives a stimulating and fun experience. With smaller, more specialized playgroups, our Townies are met with a supportive and trusted pack, creating the safest and most fulfilling play time.

We exclusively provide all day play and intentionally avoid disrupting the packs. Our goal is to provide the most natural and engaging experience for dogs; to break away from their daily routines in the human world and embrace their natural canine instincts. No toys, no belly rubs - just dogs!

Dog laying in bed with tongue hanging out

The Hounds Town Hangover

When Townies arrive home after their PUPcations with us, they often need to re-charge! You'll find your furry friends will take a nice, long nap after their day of adventure with their pack. A Hounds Town Hangover is a sign of a day well spent.

Experience the benefits of doggy daycare yourself; visit Hounds Town today!

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