Doggie daycare

Hounds Town Charities

Approximately 2 million dogs are euthanized at shelters every year.

Our mission at Hounds Town Charities, Inc. is to rehabilitate and train society’s abandoned or unwanted animals.

Hounds Town Charities is Home to
the Most Gifted Dogs on Earth

Doggy Daycare

Handcuffs to Heeling

Six dogs in need of a home, six inmates in need of a fresh start, six weeks to change lives. Handcuffs to Heeling was born out of the fundamentals of Hounds Town Charities: rehabilitating humans through animals. Hounds Town Charities President and Founder Michael Gould recently launched the long-anticipated pilot program that aims to transform the lives of six dogs, six inmates, and all the rest of us involved, at a local correctional facility.

The goal of the program was for the inmates–incarcerated for various reasons–to bond with and train abandoned dogs from the Brookhaven Animal Shelter with the goal of making them more adoptable. At the conclusion of the program, all the dogs were adopted to loving homes!

Doggy Daycare

Fresh Air Fund

Dogs are social pack animals that need interaction with other dogs in a pack environment to thrive, learn social skills, and get physical and mental exercise. Many dogs in shelters are deprived of this critical interaction because shelters are simply not able to provide this due to space and management challenges. Hounds Town Charities works with local shelters to offer daily socialization at our interactive facility, which allows dogs in desperate need of interaction the chance to get out and play.

Ice is from a local municipal shelter. She has been at the shelter for many years, even though there isn’t a thing wrong with her. She interacts well with other dogs, she knows basic obedience, and she loves people. As part of the Fresh Air Fund, Ice comes to Hounds Town USA every once in a while to play with fellow homeless dog Cappuccino.

Doggy Daycare

Rehabilitation and Training

Many of the dogs at the highest risk for euthanization in our local shelters are labeled “red” for behavioral issues. Many of these dogs are simply misunderstood, and their issues are related to their environment. With the right person to teach them to trust, and to work through these issues, these dogs can thrive in a home environment and make wonderful companions.

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