What Are Specialized Playgroups?

Our packs are part art, part science, and wholly influenced by years of experience. That means exclusively offering all-day daycare to avoid disrupting already established pack dynamics and specialized packs based on factors like size, temperament, energy level, and play style. With 5+ play areas, pack sizes are smaller and more specialized, keeping injury rates down and offering shy dogs a chance to come out of their shell!

Group of dogs, playing at doggy daycare

Smaller, Safer Dog Packs

In the wild, dogs naturally form into packs, fostering a supportive and trusting connection with each other. Our goal is to provide a similar experience where dogs can build a bond within the four walls of our daycare.

Unlike other doggy daycare facilities, we strategically group dogs into packs that share similarities in size, play style, and energy level. Each pack is separated into their own playrooms.