Does Your Pooch Need a Day at the Spa?

Pamper your pooch with an exit or spa bath with our signature
hydrosurge system at our Hounds Town Day Spa!

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Doggie Spa Day Services!

After a day full of fun in our interactive doggy day care, your pooch may come home tired, dirty, and a little smelly – all signs that he’s had an amazing day! Don’t worry, if you would prefer for your dog to come home smelling like roses, we can get him nice and clean through our pet spa services.

Pet Spa and Grooming

During any vacation, enjoying some R&R is the way to go – especially when you can spend your day at the spa. Wouldn’t your pup or kitty love a day at the spa too? Of course! After a refreshing spa bath your pooch will feel amazing and will be ready to nestle into their favorite bed.

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Whether you’re going to work or on a vacation,
or if your pup just needs a pampering,
Hounds Town USA has you covered!

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