Happy Hounds Choose Hounds Town

Pack your toys and get ready to play the day away with your best friends! Our staff is always excited to meet new dogs and to make their day barktastic. Is your pup ready for their first day at dog day care? Find a Hounds Town near you!

Does your four-legged friend need a pupcation? Bring him over to Hounds Town! Your pup can channel his pack instincts while playing with his friends in our fully interactive doggy day care. When it’s time to hit the hay, he can enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a private suite or townhouse through our overnight dog boarding service. Give your local Hounds Town a call to learn more!

All Aboard The Pet Taxi!

If your pooch needs a ride to or from our dog daycare, Hounds Town offers convenient pet transportation services that’ll have his tail wagging all the way home. Some locations have restrictions on Sundays and holidays, so be sure to ask your local Hounds Town for more details.

Stay And Play

You can’t ride in the pet taxi without having somewhere to go! Hounds Town’s fully interactive doggie day care is a place where even the shyest pups can meet new friends and experience new sights and smells. Throughout the day, your pooch will channel his natural pack instinct while playing with friends his own size and temperament. When it’s time to come home, your dog will be tired from all the play and will be ready for a nice, long rest.

Why Not Make It A Pupcation?

With all this fun and excitement, why not let your pooch stay for a pupcation? We offer overnight dog boarding and cat boarding services where your pup or kitty can enjoy a little r&r after a day of play. From kitty condos in our Purrrington Villas to doggie hotels, everyone has a place to stay after a fun-filled day. (Don’t worry, kitties! The hounds won’t come to your side of town.)

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