5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

Dec 09, 2019

Dog daycare Hounds Town USA takes pet care and safety seriously. So here are five quick tips from your favorite dog boarding and daycare that will keep your pet warm, safe, and happy this winter.


dog - snow - safety tips - winter

Never Leave Your Dog in a Car

Did you ever notice that the inside of your car seems colder than the outside air sometimes? If it’s colder for you, then your dog is feeling it too. Just like the “greenhouse effect” in a car is deadly in the summer, it’s just as dangerous to leave your pup in the car during the winter months. Just don’t do it! The ASPCA says that cars “act as refrigerators” during the winter, and it’s possible for your pet to freeze to death if left unattended.

The Risks of Rock Salt

Many people throw rock salt down on the sidewalks and driveways to clear the paths after a snowstorm. An effective method for sure, but dog paws are easily irritated by the poisonous chemical. And your pet could run into big trouble if he tries to lick off the toxic substance. Wipe down your dog’s paws gently after a walk, and always store your rock salt away from curious canines. The ASPCA also recommends booties or even a little petroleum jelly application on your dog’s paw pads before going outdoors this winter for extra protection.

dog sweater - winter - safety tips - snowDog Sweaters Don’t Just Look Cute

The Humane Society advises to get your dog a sweater during the cold months, particularly short-haired breeds. Dogs are at risk for hypothermia, frostbite, and other temperature-related conditions, particularly if the wind chill is severe. It doesn’t take long for our furry friends to experience dangerous symptoms in the cold, so wear the sweater even if it’s just a short walk. Why take the risk? Besides keeping your dog warm, some of these sweaters are super cute like this Santa in the Snow sweater.

More Food and Water

A dog’s body works harder to keep warm in the winter months, so the ASPCA advises that you give your dog a little more food to help them maintain a healthy body temperature. Keep an eye on your pet’s water bowl too. A full clean bowl of water on hand can help ensure that your dog’s skin doesn’t get too itchy with the dry heat blasting in your house.      

Leash Your Dog

Hazardous conditions like snow and ice make it much more dangerous for your dog on daily walks. During the winter especially, walk your dog on a leash. It will help prevent separation during storms, walking on ice that might not be safe, and more. And if it’s too cold, skip the walk. This way, you and your pet can stay safe.

Remember, having fur doesn’t mean you can’t freeze! Happy howlidays!

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