5 Ways To Show Your Pet You Love Them

Feb 14, 2023

February is a month when we show our love to each other, so why not our pups too? As pet parents, we love our dogs unconditionally and always look for extra special ways to show them how much we care. Here are five ways to show your pet you love them this Valentine’s Day and beyond:

Plan Paw-some Activities

Our dogs love our undivided attention, but on those long days in the office or time spent away from home, doggy daycare is a great option to keep them occupied. Look up a nearby dog daycare center to give your pup a fun, playful day of making furry friends while exploring new surroundings and activities.

Have a Pampering Spa Day

Wouldn’t your pup love a pampering session or a DIY spa day at home? Take the time to groom your pup regularly by brushing their coat, cleaning their teeth and clipping their nails. It may not be their favorite activity, but the health benefits are well worth it.

Schedule Extra Cuddles

Life can get busy, and it’s easy to forget to allocate special time with your dog. Dogs are social pack animals by nature and find comfort in physical contact with their humans. When you’re watching your favorite show or taking a cat nap, snuggle up against your pup and give them some extra scratches.

Exercise Both Physically and Mentally

Every dog owner understands the importance of physical exercise; however, dogs need to mentally move their minds too– especially if they’re home all day. Bones and food puzzles are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and occupied for an extensive period of time.

Enjoy Long Walks on the Beach

Whether it’s long walks on the beach or just down the block, your dog will love a longer walk to “take care of business,” sniff their favorite tree and spend extra time together. Don’t forget to switch up your route for a change of scenery now and then.


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