How Hounds Town is Fighting Breed Discrimination in Pet Care

May 03, 2023

All Dogs Welcome: How Hounds Town is Fighting Breed Discrimination in Pet Care

At Hounds Town, we live by the mantra “We do it for the dogs,” and believe that all dogs deserve love, care, and attention. That’s why we have a strict policy against dog discrimination, as part of our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all dogs, regardless of their breed.

We Don’t Discriminate Against Breeds

Unfortunately, many pet care facilities discriminate against certain breeds, often citing concerns about aggression or behavior. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds are often unfairly stigmatized as aggressive or dangerous, making it difficult for owners of these breeds to find quality pet care.

Unlike most pet care facilities, Hounds Town welcomes all dog breeds. We know that breed stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. Every dog has their own personality, temperament, and behavior. We judge each dog based on their own unique personality, not on their breed. Once a dog passes our temperament test, we match them with the right pack with like-minded personalities and play styles.

How to Pass the Hounds Town Temperament Test

On your dog’s first day at Hounds Town, they’ll go through a brief evaluation so our Townies can get a better understanding of their personality and determine which pack group is the best fit. Naturally, some new pet parents worry that their dog won’t pass, possibly because they’re very shy or anxious in new surroundings.

But don’t stress! The evaluation isn’t as intense as it sounds. Our staff will introduce your pup to one of our resident dogs to see if they’re ready to play and fit in with the group. This only takes a minute, and we’re just making sure your dog doesn’t show any aggression.

And if you’re still worried about your dog’s behavior, you’ll find that Hounds Town has a unique approach. We don’t automatically turn dogs away if their introduction doesn’t go well. Actually, we’ve had a lot of success with nervous and shy dogs. Being part of the pack can help build their confidence and teach them better behavior around other dogs.

Can Disabled Dogs Go to Doggy Daycare?

Every dog deserves friends, no matter their size, shape, or disability. We’re excited to place your pup in a group that’s just right for their energy level and ability. Even if they prefer to sit and observe, it’s still great for them to get out and socialize with other dogs on a regular basis. And as they get more comfortable, they’ll start to interact and play with the others.

At Hounds Town, we believe that our facility can be a huge opportunity for dogs that have been through tough times and come out with a paw-sitive attitude. Meeting new dogs and getting plenty of exercise is great for their mental and physical well-being. We care about your dog’s happiness and health above all else.

To book your temperament test and learn more about our doggy daycare and boarding services, reach out to your nearest Hounds Town.