Will My Dog “Fit In” at Hounds Town?

Apr 13, 2023

As natural-born pack animals, dogs are incredibly social and thrive on interaction with other pups. When dogs are placed in a new environment, such as a dog daycare or boarding facility, they naturally form packs with the other dogs around them. That’s why understanding dog pack dynamics is crucial to ensuring a happy environment for all dogs.

At Hounds Town, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our furry guests. We separate dogs by size and temperament into like-minded packs, which leads to more positive and enjoyable play experiences. Here’s a bit more information on dog pack dynamics:

In the wild, dogs live in packs led by the alpha dog, who is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the group. The other dogs in the pack have specific roles and responsibilities within the hierarchy. While there’s no alpha dog at Hounds Town, it is important to maintain a structured environment and keep dogs grouped by size and temperament.

On your first day at Hounds Town, your pup will be evaluated and slowly introduced to new furry friends with similar characteristics to best determine which pack they best fit in. Separating dogs by size is particularly important because larger dogs can unintentionally harm smaller dogs during play. This is especially true if the larger dog is active or rough during playtime. By keeping smaller dogs separate from larger dogs, we can ensure that they are safe and can interact with dogs of a similar size and energy level.

But it’s not one-size-fits-all – temperament is especially important too as dogs have distinct personalities which impact their ability to get along with others. For example, some dogs are high-energy and love to wrestle, while others prefer some rest and relaxation. By separating dogs by temperament, we can ensure that each dog is placed in a group that is suited to their personality and energy level.

Our fully interactive doggie daycare is designed to provide an enriching experience for dogs to play, exercise and socialize. Our expertly trained Townies thoroughly monitor the packs to make adjustments as needed to maintain a peaceful environment.

Our all-day play model provides your pup with disruption-free playtime with their thoughtfully curated pack.  Of course, if your dog needs a rest, he or she can cozy up in one of the townhomes or lay on a bed in the playroom. We don’t have structured “nap times” leaving dogs free to roam and do as they please. It’s one of the reasons why a Hounds Town hangover is always guaranteed.

To learn more about dog daycare and which pack your dog fits in, check out a Hounds Town nearest you.