Doggie Daycare Commercial, Take 1

May 31, 2017

Hounds Town USA Corporate Headquarters Holds Contest for GoPro Commercial

Pet care franchise Hounds Town USA wanted to share what a day at doggie daycare is like and who better to help them do that than the dogs themselves? The humans in charge at the fully interactive doggie daycare launched a GoPro contest, where parents could sign their pups up for “roles” in the amateur commercial, which will be posted on the company’s web site and used on social media to promote doggie daycare.

Nine enthusiastic pups including Duke, Jaxson, Cooper, Freddy, Souvlaki, Brody, Cosmo, Arrow, and Rubble helped film the commercial by wearing the GoPro camera for different “scenes,” and they had a doggone good time doing it! Who knew doggie daycare could be so fun. Check out the commercial, and if you haven’t been to one of the four Hounds Town locations, well, your pup is certainly missing out! Call 855-DOWN-BOY to book your FREE evaluation today. Visit www.houndstownusa.com for rates, details on services, hours of operation, and more.