Essential Questions to Ask Your Local Doggy Daycare

Jan 23, 2024

Barking up the Right Tree: Essential Questions to Ask Your Local Doggy Daycare

At Hounds Town, where everything we do is for the dogs, we understand that entrusting your pets to a daycare service is a significant decision. Before choosing the facility that will be caring for your furry friends, there are some essential questions you should ask to ensure that your goals for your pet’s care align with the daycare you pick.

Here are some key factors and specific questions to consider:

Staff Qualifications:

Ensuring the daycare staff is expertly trained with safety measures guarantees that your pet is in capable hands during any unforeseen circumstances. Inquiring about their experience and qualifications provides owners with peace of mind that our expert staff has the expertise needed to handle dogs with varying needs. Not only is our Hounds Town team well-versed in safety measures, but they undergo extensive training to become experts in dog pack management, ensuring a safer environment with significantly fewer incidents than other doggy daycares.

  •       What experience and qualifications do the staff have in handling dogs?

Supervision and Ratio:

Knowing how dogs are assessed and grouped for playtime is vital for understanding the safety of the space. At Hounds Town specifically, we use temperament tests to strategically separate dogs into groups that will result in safe and fun play all day. 

  •       How are different sizes and temperaments of dogs grouped together?
  •       What safety precautions are in place to prevent fights or injuries among dogs?
  •       Is there a secure and well-maintained play area?

Daily Routine:

Understanding the daily routine allows you to gauge whether the daycare aligns with your pet’s needs. At Hounds Town, our approach is simple: simulate dog packs as they would naturally group themselves in the wild. After that, it’s all-day play! We provide a safe and interactive space for a dog to just be a dog!

  •       Can you provide details about the daily routine for the dogs, including playtime, rest, and meals?
  •       How do you communicate with pet owners about their dog’s daily activities and well-being?

Health Policies:

Inquiring about the protocol for addressing signs of illness or injury while also verifying vaccinations and health records, helps ensure a safe and disease-free environment for your furry friend. Additionally, knowing the process for handling emergencies and contacting owners provides peace of mind, assuring that your pet’s health and safety are top priorities at all times.

  •       What is the protocol if a dog shows signs of illness or injury?
  •       What vaccinations are required?
  •       Is there a process for handling emergencies or contacting owners?


The cleanliness of the facility is also important. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of play areas ensure a comfortable environment for your pet. We also address our pets’ cleanliness; here at Hounds Town, we offer baths and other spa services so your pup can come home fresh and clean after a busy day with their pack!

  •       What spa services are offered?
  •       How often are play areas cleaned and disinfected?

Client References:

Asking for references and checking online reviews provides insight into the experiences of other pet owners. This information helps you make an informed decision based on the satisfaction of previous clients.

At Hounds Town, dogs leave our doors with happy tails, and their parents see a difference in their dog’s well-being! Here’s a word from one of our customers:

“We left our puppy here for daycare and he had the best time ever! The staff and owners are really friendly and are truly warm-hearted people. It was comforting to leave our fur baby with them knowing he’ll be safe and looked after. The lobby and pet play areas are clean and free from any accidents. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone that needs a sitter or boarding and know that their dog is safe and taken care of.” – Binit A.

  •       Can you provide references from other pet owners who have used your daycare services?

By asking these crucial questions, you empower yourself to make informed decisions about your pet’s care. Hounds Towns’ goal is to create an environment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of pet parents, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in the care we provide. 

For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s or contact a Hounds Town near you!