Going the Extra Mile

Oct 26, 2016

There’s a significant difference between large, corporate pet care facilities and family owned and operated small businesses like Hounds Town Port Jefferson, a fully interactive doggie daycare, dog boarding, and pet grooming facility on Long Island. We go the extra mile.

As the only pet care facility in the area that does not discriminate based on breed, age, or disability, Hounds Town Port Jefferson has many new furry customers (we call them family members) each year that are physically disabled, are older, or are so-called “bully breeds,” banned from other facilities simply because of what they are labeled. At Hounds Town Port Jefferson, we go the extra mile to accommodate all dogs that have the right temperament, and sometimes that means getting down on the floor to help a senior dog eat his dinner.

“Everyone eats on my watch!” says Hounds Town Port Jefferson owner Marianne Carrano Dezcz, “even if it means being spoon fed.” Some dogs that come for overnight boarding get nervous their first day and don’t want to eat, and some play so hard all they want to do is sleep when dinnertime rolls around! Senior dogs and dogs with minor medical conditions that come to Hounds Town Port Jefferson sometimes require more time and attention, and we spend the time to make sure these dogs are comfortable, relaxed, and that they eat … even if it means spending a half hour spoon feeding them