Dogs Nail Care- Difference Between Nail Trimming and Grinding

Mar 15, 2023

Humans aren’t the only ones who need a manicure every once in a while. When it comes to your dog’s health and hygiene, consistent nail care is key to promoting a long and healthy life for your pet.

As dog owners, we always want what’s best for our furry best friend. Let’s dive into why nail care is important for the health of your dog.


Why do dogs need nail trims?

As a pet owner, you may have questions about your dog’s nail care and why it’s an essential part of the grooming process. Nail care is important for dogs for several reasons:

  1. Prevents discomfort and pain: First and foremost, long nails can cause discomfort and pain for dogs, particularly when walking or running. Overgrown nails can also curve into paw pads, leading to infections or more serious problems.
  2. Avoid injuries and accidents: Likewise, long nails can get caught on carpets, furniture and other objects, causing torn nails and other injuries. This can be quite painful and it’s common for these types of injuries to become infected – causing an unwanted trip to the vet.
  3. Promote healthy posture: Dogs use their nails for traction and balance when walking or running. Overgrown nails can cause a dog to slip and fall more easily. Long nails cause the dog to place their feet differently, affecting their posture, and leading to strain on their joints and muscles.

That’s why regular nail care is essential for your dog’s well-being. It’s recommended that a dog’s nails be trimmed every 4-8 weeks, depending on their activity level and how fast they grow.

For dogs that require regular haircuts, regular nail trims typically fall nicely into their grooming schedule, but for our shorter-coated breeds, proper nail care can often be overlooked. Scheduling regular nail treatment appointments is key to staying on top of their nail health and preventing any issues.


Nail Trimming vs. Grinding: What’s the Difference?

Nail trimming and nail grinding are two popular methods of canine nail care that many pet groomers offer, Hounds Town included.  Both nail clipping and grinding are effective methods for maintaining your dog’s nails, and determining which one is better depends on your dog’s individual preferences and behavior.

Traditional trimming with a clipper involves using a specialized clipper to trim the tip of your pup’s nails. This can be quick and efficient, but for dogs that are easily stressed, this may not be the best method.

Grinding, on the other hand, involves using a rotary tool to gradually file down the nails. This method is gentler and less stressful for dogs but may take longer and requires greater skill to perform.

At Hounds Town, our townies are expertly trained to provide nail trimming and grinding services at our Day Spa. Pet parents love that we are a one-stop shop for their dogs to play all day, and take care of their bathing and nail care all in one trip. Plus, a Hounds Town hangover is always guaranteed. Contact Hounds Town USA for more information on all of our spa services.