Heartwarming Tales of Hounds Town Greensboro-Guilford

Jan 30, 2024

At Hounds Town, we cherish the unique stories and happy tails that unfold within our diverse Townie communities. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Chris Brooks, our dedicated franchisee behind Hounds Town Greensboro-Guilford in North Carolina. Chris’s passion for canine companionship extends beyond the four walls of the daycare facility; he’s making a positive impact on the lives of pups and their owners.

Fostering Fur-Ever Bonds

Through a heartening collaboration with Guilford County Animal Shelter (GCAS) and Break the Chain Kennel Kru (BTCKK), Chris is on a mission to help dogs find homes and navigate challenging weather conditions. Partnering with GCAS, Hounds Town in Guilford frequently hosts foster pups, offering a safe and socializing haven until they find their fur-ever homes. This dynamic partnership recently resulted in three successful adoptions within 30 days—proof that teamwork makes the dream work!

On another front, Chris teams up with BTCKK to uplift underserved dogs in Guilford County. BTCKK, known for building shelters for homeless dogs, joined forces with Hounds Town to offer a haven for these dogs during extreme weather. This collaboration aims to improve the living conditions for dogs facing adversity, emphasizing the impact achievable when communities come together.

Moving Past Stereotypes

In another heartening tale, Hounds Town Greensboro-Guilford demonstrated one of our core values—embracing every dog, regardless of their circumstances. Rusty, a tiny wheelchair-bound speedster, faced rejection from other doggy daycares in the area due to his impairment. However, at Hounds Town Greensboro, Rusty found a welcoming home. Chris and the team welcomed Rusty into the pack, showcasing that our commitment goes beyond breed, age, or the number of legs a dog has.

Rusty’s presence here is a testament to the inclusive and loving environment fostered by Chris and his team. Rusty now zooms around the playrooms, enjoying every moment with his newfound furry friends.

Whether you’re exploring doggy daycare or overnight pet boarding, learn more about your local Hounds Town and bring joy to your furry friend. Find a location near you and keep those tails wagging!

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