Homeless Dog Finds Comfort at Hounds Town Commack Rd.

Aug 07, 2017

Doggy Daycare Partners with Local Rescue to Foster Pup in Need

Pet care franchise Hounds Town USA has a soft spot for local pups in need. Through their 501c3, Hounds Town Charities, the doggy daycare, pet boarding, and grooming facility offers several outreach programs designed to aid shelters and rescues find FURever homes for the dogs in their care.

Since shelters can be extremely stressful for dogs, the pet care franchise offers discounted doggy daycare and overnight boarding for dogs in need. The charity also offers a “Fresh Air Fund” designed to allow dogs in local shelters to come to a facility and play in a play group for the day. Additionally, the charity offers a rehabilitation program for dogs at high risk of euthanization because of behavioral issues. “Our programs aim to offer as many dogs as we can the chance to be a dog while waiting for a FURever home,” explains VP of Franchise Development Jackie Bondanza. “We have a special focus on the bully breeds, and dogs that have been misunderstood because of behavioral problems.” Hounds Town USA founder Mike Gould–a former NYPD and Nassau County canine handler–works with the dogs in need of the most help, and the charity has successfully helped to adopt out dozens of dogs that may have otherwise been put down.

As part of the foster program, Hounds Town Commack Rd. has hosted several dogs in need at their brand new facility that opened in March 2017. The doggy daycare recently partnered with Happy Tails Dog Rescue to foster Cowgirl, a 2-year-old Pit/Sharpei mix. Cow has been boarding at the facility for the last few months, after needing placement. “Our staff loves Cow, and we make sure we offer her as much love as possible every day,” says owner Teri. Teri and her staff have have identified a group of “friends” for Cow, and every day she is placed in a play group, where she plays all day long. “The socialization has been great for her,” says Teri. “It seems like she really enjoys the interaction with the other dogs and I think it has been a very positive experience for her.”

The goal of allowing dogs to socialize and interact in a natural pack environment is to make them more adoptable, and to make adoptions more successful. Natural pack socialization helps boost confidence, quell anxiety, and teaches dogs how to interact properly with other dogs and people. “Some dogs really lack the opportunity to have such a natural interaction with other dogs, and this can lead to all sorts of behavioral problems,” says Jackie. “When you provide them the opportunity to just be a dog, you can tell they breath a sigh of relief. The results are obvious in their change of behavior, attitude, and confidence.”

Cowgirl is dog-friendly (no cats), LOVES people, and loves to please. To adopt this sweet girl, contact [email protected] or call the location at 631.522.1322.