Hounds Town Brunswick’s Mission with Berea Animal Rescue Fund

Feb 05, 2024

At Hounds Town, we believe in pouring our hearts into everything we do, and it’s all for the love of our furry friends. Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional doggy daycare and boarding services. We’re passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of dogs in need, whether that’s through sponsoring local charitable events or finding forever homes for our four-legged companions.

Temporary Home, Permanent Love:

Hounds Town Brunswick is just one of our many locations dedicated to serving our brand’s mission within their community. They are proud to partner with Berea Animal Rescue Friends inviting foster dogs in the Brunswick community to stay at Hounds Town while they wait for adoption. These foster dogs are not only included in our daily interactive play but also enjoy the warmth of a loving temporary home while socializing with other dogs.

Meet Poncho: A Brave Spirit with a Heart of Gold

The first canine recipient to participate in this incredible program is Poncho, a 1-year-old pup with a heart as golden as his fur. Poncho’s journey began with bravery, having survived the streets with a broken leg. Although his leg had to be amputated, Poncho’s spirit remains undiminished. He’s a curious boy, always ready to discover and play. In between adventures, he’ll seek a quick snuggle, expressing his love for interaction and affection.

For the Brunswick Townies, this initiative is about providing a loving haven where these dogs experience safety, joy, and the playful spirit that defines Hounds Town.

Join Us in Fostering Love and Hope

This is just the beginning of a philanthropic journey filled with wagging tails, playful moments, and forever homes. Hounds Town Brunswick looks forward to supporting many more dogs on their adoption journey with Berea Animal Rescue Friends.

Thank you for being a part of our compassionate community! For more information on our Brunswick location, or to plan your visit, visit their webpage.