Hounds Town Dog Day Care Expanding into Florida!

Jul 09, 2019

Hounds Town is bringing a new kind of dog day care to Orlando.

Orlando Business Journal  featured popular dog day care Hounds Town USA, focusing on the company’s growing pet care business in central Florida. Three Hounds Town locations will open in Orlando, the first scheduled to open within the next six to nine months. The premier New York-based franchise is growing and expanding nationwide, according to CEO and founder Michael Gould. “I see the potential for between six to 12 locations in the Orlando area. We’ll also look at locations in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.”

Dogs Like Hounds Town

Hounds Town distinguishes itself from competitors with its focus on interactive dog day careIt’s a service offered in addition to traditional boarding and grooming services. “Dogs are looking to do things they can’t do in the house, like run, jump, and play…It’s an outlet for dogs…they get physically and psychologically stimulated,” says Gould.  

And Their Owners Like it Too

Michael Gould actually spent forty years of his career working with the canines in the Nassau County and New York City police departments, so he knows a thing or two about dogs. “Since we started Hounds Town, we have taken care of 1.5 million dogs. We have a deep understanding of the dog brain, and we address the needs of the dog.” Cost transparency and affordability is also one of the core foundations of the Hounds Town model, and it serves their customers well. That means no up charging for bottled waters or other amenities. “We’re all-inclusive—it’s one even price, so you don’t need an accountant to figure out your bill,” says Gould.

To read the full article, you can find it in Orlando Business Journal. To find a Hounds Town location near you or for updates on Hounds Town – Orlando,  please check out Hounds Town USA.