Prioritizing Dog Wellness Amidst A Growing Respiratory Illness

Dec 12, 2023

In recent news, a new respiratory illness affecting dogs has garnered widespread attention, prompting concerns among pet owners. At Hounds Town, safeguarding the well-being of our furry guests is our top priority. In response to these developments, our CEO, Jackie Bondanza, has shared insights, safety protocols, and recommendations for our valued customers.

Understanding the Context

Drawing on over a decade of experience in managing pet care facilities, Bondanza acknowledges the cyclical nature of respiratory illnesses in dogs. While recognizing the seriousness of such conditions, historical data suggests that these viruses typically impact a small percentage of pets. Senior veterinary pathologist David Needle, from the University of New Hampshire’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, notes that there hasn’t been a substantial increase in dog fatalities linked to the mysterious disease.

Empowering Pet Parents

At Hounds Town, we believe in keeping our customers informed and empowered to make informed decisions for their beloved pets. Some pet parents may choose to keep their dogs at home during this time, meanwhile, others may require our services for doggy daycare and boarding – especially around peak holiday travel. We are always transparent with our pet parents to ensure they are making the best decision for them and their furry companions. During this time, we are doing our very best to ensure the safety and well-being of our dogs.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Recognizing that respiratory illnesses are airborne, Hounds Town places a strong emphasis on comprehensive containment measures. Our facilities undergo regular deep cleaning using dog-safe cleaners designed to combat canine-related diseases. Plus, our vigilant staff monitors for any signs of illness and communicates promptly with pet owners if symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, lethargy, or changes in appetite or thirst are observed.

Vaccination and Prevention

It’s crucial to note that vaccines for respiratory illnesses are not foolproof. Dogs can potentially contract these illnesses in various environments, such as veterinary practices, on leash walks, and even in their own backyard. Hounds Town mandates that all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations before visiting our facilities. Unfortunately, no vaccine is 100% effective, as strains can evolve over time, similar to the flu in humans. However, having vaccine requirements in place help to minimize the spread of illness.

As always, we will not accept any dogs into our facility who show any signs of illness. In such case, pet parents are advised to consult with their veterinarian.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local Hounds Town.