Socialization Success Story: Ernie Finds Confidence at Hounds Town

Sep 22, 2023

We all have experienced a little social anxiety when entering new environments, and that couldn’t be more true for our next Townie spotlight, Ernie.  

Socialization is a key part of a dog’s mental development. Frequent interaction with new dogs and surroundings helps keep them psychologically and physiologically stimulated, boosts confidence and helps develop a confident temperament. Plus, dogs who have been properly socialized feel assured and composed when encountering new dogs or situations. 

Ernie was first introduced to Hounds Town to help with his social skills. Walking into the lobby for his initial evaluation, Ernie’s owner was gripped with nerves, unsure how an older beagle would adapt to this unfamiliar setting.

Recognizing Ernie’s anxiety, our experienced staff member took hold of the leash, allowing Ernie to experience a sense of leadership and authority. From initially cowering underneath a bench, Ernie transformed when another dog entered the lobby. In an instant, Ernie perked up, moved away from his owner and eagerly began running to greet his friend. This moment was a revelation for both Ernie and his owner, showcasing the natural instinct and comfort that dogs find in each other’s presence.


A New Leash on Life

Ernie’s excitement only continued into the playroom, where he was introduced to a small pack of new pups. His owner was overjoyed at the change they witnessed in him. Despite initial reservations, Ernie embodied a dog full of life, running and playing with friends. Ernie came home tired, but content, with a Hounds Town hangover.

Here’s what Ernie’s owner, Dianne Dolber, had to say about his experience:

“Ernie is still recuperating from his two days as a new member! He is having such a good time and he actually pulls on his leash to go in! Thank you for taking such good care of him. It’s also given me freedom to go out during the day without him being upset that he’ll be alone.” – Dianne Dolber, Ernie’s owner

Today, Ernie is a regular visitor, a testament to the positive impact Hounds Town can have on a dog’s socialization and overall happiness. His story is a shining example of how the right environment and companionship can transform a pet’s life. Beyond simply providing care, we offer a space where dogs can let loose, forget their worries and just enjoy life. Their wagging tales are why we do it for the dogs. 

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