Top 10 Instant “Quick Tips” for a Happier Dog

Sep 11, 2019

Has your dog seemed a little down lately? Here are ten quick tips for a happier dog from the folks at doggie day care and boarding franchise Hounds Town USA.

1. Walking Your Dog on a Leash Is Not Always Enough.

Leashes can create anxiety and stress in some dogs because it’s not a natural feeling to be tethered to something. It’s the reason the folks at Hounds Town remove dog collars when dogs enter their day care facilities. Dogs get to be dogs and play in a natural pack environment for socialization and stimulation. Taking your dog for a walk is important but changing up their physical environment with a different path or routine helps your dog get the physical and mental exercise which is essential for happy pups.

2. Don’t Project on Your Dog.

Think your dog “gets” you?  You’re probably right. Dogs are highly in tune with their owners emotionally, so if you’re anxious or sad, your dog feels it too. He or she can reflect those same emotions, so keep your cool and your dog will too.

3. Barking = Anxiety

Humans are the reason dogs bark so frequently. If your dog goes crazy when the mailman walks up to the house or if you have guests over, then you need to correct that bad behavior consistently. Don’t let your dog cross social boundaries, and try to create a space where your dog can feel safe. Remember, correct the bad behaviors but be sure and love the good ones!

dog day care - play time - hounds town farmingdale

4. Dogs Need to Play with Each Other.

Interactive play is extremely important for dogs. If they’re not socializing and playing together, it could lead to increased stress and anxiety which often produces bad behavior at home. So whether you bring your dog to a day care or a dog park, make sure he keeps socializing. You’re less likely to come home to a collection of chewed-up shoes!

Dog day care - water bowl - hounds town - garden city

5. A Hydrated Dog is a Happy Dog.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog likes to hydrate all day long or prefers to take a long drink after he or she is done playing. Both ways work, and the most important thing is that your dog is drinking. Always keep the water bowl fresh and full!

6. Day Care is Your Dog’s “Happy Place” While You Work.

An affordable and fully interactive dog day care like Hounds Town USA keeps your dog active, social, and, you guessed it – happy. Your dog will get everything he needs to thrive, and you don’t have to feel guilty about going to the office!

7. Stop the Bloat!

Turns out our furry friends get bloated too. Bloating in dogs—usually big ones—happens when your dog eats or drinks too quickly or tries to play too soon after a meal. Keep an eye out for signs of dog bloat like panting, pacing, and vomiting.

8. Ditch the Retractable Leash.Doggy Day Care - Hounds Town - Ronkonkoma - Separation Anxiety

Besides the obvious problems of easily getting tangled or not being able to pull your dog away from trouble, retractable leashes suffer from one glaring, unavoidable problem: They take the control away from the owner, making the dog feel like he’s pack leader. Leads and training leashes and collars for dogs can help clear up any confusion about who is in control. So if are ready to give up all the pulling or dragging on dog walks, then say goodbye to those mixed message leashes!

 9. Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate!

Just like humans pass along viruses to each other, dogs also pass along sickness, like kennel cough. Vaccination is required at every Hounds Town so we can keep the dogs we love safe and happy.  Contact your vet to make sure your vaccinations are up to date!

10. Separation Can Be Smooth

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, a dog day care like Hounds Town USA can help them build their confidence. They will be so busy playing in their pack all day they won’t even notice you’re gone!

If you think your dog might be ready to play, exercise, and socialize with dogs for their health and happiness, find out if there is a Hounds Town location near you.