Why Hounds Town Provides the Best Environment for Your Dog

Aug 16, 2023

When it comes to finding the best care for your four-legged family members, pet parents often face the dilemma of choosing between dog boarding or dog sitting. While both options have merits, at Hounds Town, we see that pet boarding in a natural pack environment offers numerous benefits over traditional dog sitting. 

Let’s explore why Hounds Town’s boarding services are the best choice for your furry companion while you’re away.

The Power of the Pack

Dogs, by nature, are pack animals. They thrive in a social environment where they can interact, play, and bond with their pack. Hounds Town is designed to mimic the natural pack dynamics that dogs crave. 

On your dog’s first visit to Hounds Town, we complete our temperament test to determine which playgroup is the best fit. Since our staff carefully curates the packs based on size, temperament, energy level and play style, it doesn’t take long for our dogs to feel at home.

Once they’re in our playroom, our staff allows the dogs the freedom to play and interact at their own pace. Whether your pup has an abundance of energy and can play all day or prefers to take a few afternoon naps, we have the space for them.

Benefits of Hounds Town Dog Boarding

Socialization and companionship: Dogs are social animals, and being part of a pack is instinctual for them. Boarding at Hounds Town means your dog will have plenty of opportunities to interact and play with their peers, promoting healthy socialization and companionship.

Playtime and exercise: In a traditional dog sitting arrangement, playtime might be limited to a single dog or a few playdates. At Hounds Town, our dogs enjoy all-day play in our interactive playrooms, allowing ample opportunities to socialize and exercise, keeping them physically and mentally stimulated.

Supervised play: Our experienced staff closely monitors all pack interactions, while allowing our dogs the opportunity to naturally socialize without human intervention. Safety, of course, is still our top priority. Our team is trained to recognize and address any potential behavioral concerns proactively, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime for every dog.                     

Unleash the Hounds Town Experience

We strongly believe that a boarding environment like Hounds Town offers the ideal setting for your dog’s comfort and happiness. Our commitment to providing a safe, engaging, and nurturing space for dogs is unparalleled, and we invite you to book your dog’s next vacation at Hounds Town.