“I wanted to make sure I took the time to mention how impressed I am with the new Hounds Town USA in the Strip District. The amount of attention our Great Pyrenees Olalla gets is amazing. Her day begins with breakfast. Olalla has a separate eating area away from the action. We are then provided pictures throughout the day of her playtime. The Hounds Town team is really motivated to make sure she is having a full day of fun. The dogs have a huge amount of space to exercise with separate play areas for different energy level dogs. There is a grooming station with a blue berry facial scrub! I even receive a report card each and every day that includes her energy level, who she played with and her behavior.
Hounds Town really took their time to conduct a behavior test with our dog. Therefore, I have no need to be concerned about other dogs being involved with too much aggressive behavior during the day. The hours of operation are early enough in the morning and late enough were we don’t feel rushed to pick her up after work. They even have WEEKEND HOURS!!! Thank you for making my work week so much easier. Thank you for providing Olalla a fun place to be during the day when I miss her so much???? You guys seriously ROCK!”

Amanda Ann