“Sasha is a lab & golden retriever mix. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She doesn’t get much play time with other dogs due to work schedules. So when we took her to Hounds Town I was a little apprehensive. Well she not only was welcome will kind caring staff, but she excelled in the activities. She ran jumped played and are with her now bffs.
When you leave your pet it’s like leaving your child with some and you need to trust they will be kind attentive supply what they need when your away from them. That’s exactly what Hounds Town offers. You will be amazed at how happy hour dog comes away from this daycare. I mean it! Let’s face it they are alone to long if your working. And even if your home it’s a playground for exercise fun. Give them a call set up an appointment. Your pet will be looking forward to going to daycare and you will have peace of mind knowing that they are well taken care of.”

Deb Centi