Community and Canines: Hounds Town Space Coast Gives Back

Nov 03, 2023

Around here, we do it for the dogs, and Hounds Town is dedicated to giving back in every way possible.

This season, we’re putting the spotlight on some of our exceptional locations that go above and beyond with their charitable endeavors. Among them is Hounds Town in Space Coast, Florida, which has been a beacon of compassion in their community, embodying the care and love we give to our furry companions. Owners, Leslie Bottesch and Jane Banke, consistently go the extra mile to leave a lasting mark on the lives of animals and members of the community. 

One remarkable example of Space Coasts’ community commitment is their annual Queens for Canines charity drag show, a spectacular event featuring talented drag queen performers, all in support of local animal rescue centers. 

Last year’s event raised an impressive $10,000, and this year is poised to continue the same momentum. 100% of the proceeds benefit animal organizations in Brevard County including Riley’s Rescue of Brevard, Touch of Grey Rescue, and SPCA of Brevard. Festivities will also feature a silent auction and special gift for the audience.

As Leslie expressed, “Everyone deserves a helping hand, and so many animals at nonprofit rescues need assistance. This show will help animals in need as well as share the art of drag. The show will be a night of fun, fabulousness, and joy. Having a charity drag show seemed to be a perfect fit. Animals respond positively to kindness, and they put into perspective how we should treat each other without judgment or preconceived notions. We hope to fill the venue with incredible energy and love.”

In addition to hosting this fantastic event, Hounds Town Space Coast is a driving force for good in the community. They actively engage with local shelters, participate in community outreach programs and collaborate with assisted living facilities, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of both pets and people.

It’s clear that Hounds Town Space Coast is a shining example of franchisees who understand the profound impact of giving back. Their unwavering support for both animal welfare and community initiatives solidifies their position as a valuable asset to the Space Coast community.

Learn more about Hounds Town franchisees, Leslie Bottesch and Jane Banke, here.