Hounds Town Wake Forest’s Heartfelt Journey of Giving Back

Nov 24, 2023

Hounds Town in Wake Forest is making a positive impact on their community by helping rescue animals find their forever homes. Franchisees Jenny Lasker and Andrea Bradford have always had a giving heart. Since the day their location opened, the sister pair has consistently supported two local animal rescues, Paws For Life NC and Neshama Animal Rescue, by fostering a dog from each at their Hounds Town boarding facility. This allows dogs with a tougher past to be socialized with free daycare services. Not to mention, once the rescue dog gets adopted, they offer the family a 25% discount on all services going forward.

Some positive stories have come from this kindness. One notable tale involves Glacier, a playful rescue who found companionship at Hounds Town with a customer’s dog named Cosmo. Through simply sharing the story about Glacier and their bond, Cosmo’s family promptly applied to adopt Glacier from the rescue. In less than a week, Glacier found himself a new best friend, and a forever home with his new family.

Beyond their exceptional efforts in supporting animals, the Wake Forest team actively participates in community events and lends their support to nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Club. This holiday season, they’re supporting two families, providing gifts for fifteen children and three adults. Their dedication extends beyond the walls of their doggy daycare facility, creating a ripple effect of positive change in their community.

“Having this business has allowed us to give so much to animals, people, and the community,” said Jenny. “Even through everyday ups and downs, there is nothing better than being able to do good for others – humans and animals alike.”

The Wake Forest team’s commitment is not just a testament to their love for animals; it’s a celebration of the boundless impact that small acts of kindness can have on the world around us. As they continue spreading love, one paw at a time, Wake Forest shines as a glowing example of what can happen when a business cares deeply about both its human and furry neighbors.

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