Doggie Day Care in Garden City Now Open!

Apr 09, 2019


Hounds Town – Garden City: A Different Kind of Doggie Day Care

Hounds Town – Garden City is officially open and on the cover of this week’s Garden City Life!  Located at 839 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, the popular doggie day care offers something different to dog owners. “I used to go to another daycare, and they were playing for only an hour, kenneled up, and that was it,” say franchisee owner Colleen Tracey-Shaver.  But at Hounds Town USA, it’s different. Dogs are grouped by size, personality, and temperament, and they interact with each other all day long.

Superior Services

Besides being a fully interactive day care, the facility also offers overnight dog boarding, grooming services, as well as a pet taxi for transport back and forth. It’s ideal for pup owners who work full time and don’t want to leave their dogs all day long.

Trained by NYPD’s Finest

Hounds Town USA was founded in 2001 by former NYPD and Nassau County Police sergeant Michael Gould who handled all the dogs in the canine unit. A state-certified trainer, Gould has worked with and trained dogs for the police department for over thirty years. It’s a unique advantage that Hounds Town has over other doggie day cares.

Visit Hounds Town USA for more information or call the Garden City location directly at (516)888-9708 for inquiries. You can also follow the adorable GC pups at Facebook and Instagram too!