Simulating Natural Dog Packs Through Specialized Playgroups

May 28, 2024

At Hounds Town, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and enriching daycare environment for all dogs. One of our standout features is our specially-curated playgroups, designed to keep dogs safe and happy. With our years of experience and proven approach, we offer an all-day dog daycare experience like no other.

The Art and Science of Our Dog Playgroups

Creating the perfect playgroup is both an art and a science. Our team combines their extensive knowledge of dog behavior with practical experience to form playgroups that cater to the needs of each dog. This grouping process ensures that every dog feels comfortable, secure, and engaged throughout the day.

Avoiding Disruptions with All-Day Daycare

We exclusively offer all-day doggy daycare to maintain the integrity of our packs. This approach prevents disruptions, like human interference, to established pack dynamics, allowing dogs to form strong, stable relationships within their packs. We know every dog enjoys a consistent and enjoyable experience, free from the stress of changing environments.

Specialized Packs Based on Key Factors

We believe that every dog deserves the best possible care. Our approach to doggy daycare is built on a foundation of understanding and respect for canine behavior. We don’t discriminate against breeds and proudly welcome every dog to join one of our packs. 

Our specialized packs are crafted based on several critical factors:

  • Size: Ensuring dogs are grouped with others of similar magnitude for safety.
  • Temperament: Matching dogs with compatible personalities to foster positive interactions.
  • Energy Level: Grouping dogs with a similar spirit and personality to keep play sessions balanced.
  • Play Style: Considering each dog’s play preferences to maximize enjoyment and reduce conflict.

Benefits of Smaller, Specialized Play Groups

With over five play areas, we can keep pack sizes smaller and more specialized. This approach reduces injury rates while enhancing socialization, offering shy dogs a chance to come out of their shell. 

Why Choose Hounds Town for Doggy Daycare?

Hounds Town stands out for its commitment to creating a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for all dogs. Our specialized playgroups are just one example of how we go above and beyond to cater to the needs of our furry guests. By prioritizing the safety and happiness of each dog, we ensure that every visit to Hounds Town is a positive and enriching experience.

How to Get Started

Ready to give your dog the best day ever? Here’s how you can get started:

  1.   Schedule a Visit/Temperament Test: Come by for a tour of our facilities and meet our friendly staff. We conduct a thorough assessment to understand your dog’s personality and ensure they’re a good fit.
  2.   Plan Your Visit: Once your dog passes their initial assessment, they’re officially a Townie! They’ll be grouped into a pack and will enjoy all day play!

No reservations are needed for daycare – just drop on by! We always encourage reservations for boarding, as we have limited spots.

With our expert staff, thoughtful playgroup curation, and commitment to safety and fun, Hounds Town is the perfect place for your dog to thrive. Book your dog’s spot today and let them join the pack!