Former Bait Dog Finds Solace in Fellow Homeless Dog

Oct 27, 2016

In November of 2015, a woman walked in to Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists in Bohemia, New York, with an emaciated and severely abused dog. The woman claimed she didn’t know what happened to the dog and she was just bringing him for a regular check up. The staff, seeing how badly the dog had been injured, immediately reported the woman to the ASPCA and took possession of the dog.

Cappuccino, as he would be named, nearly lost his life. His back legs had been bound by ropes so tightly that the staff thought they may need to be amputated. Cappuccino spent months in medical recovery and underwent several surgeries. Miraculously, he survived.

Come January, Cappuccino had recovered from his physical wounds and was ready to focus on his psychological health. Hounds Town Charities stepped up to foster Cappuccino at their facility and provide him with the behavioral rehabilitation he needed to prepare for a forever home. He has made remarkable strides coming out of his shell and learning to trust humans again.

What has helped Cappuccino the most is a fellow homeless dog named Dill, who happened to enter Hounds Town Charities’ rehabilitation program about the same time. Like Cappuccino, Dill came to Hounds Town with a lot of baggage. He was labeled a “red” dog at a local shelter and was at risk for euthanization. Once Cappuccino and Dill found each other, it was a Bromance at first site.

Please watch this heartwarming video about their story (it has a happy ending, don’t worry!), and how one friend named Dill helped Cappuccino become the dog he was meant to be. Dill has since been adopted, but Cappuccino still waits for his new family. For more information, visit www.houndstowncharities.org.