From Aggression to Ambassador: Bella’s Journey as a “Bully Breed” at Hounds Town

Sep 06, 2023

Meet Bella, a vibrant ten-year-old resident townie who’s grown into quite the valuable pack member at Hounds Town. Despite her challenging past, Bella has discovered her place here, inspiring us all with her transformation from a previously aggressive pup to a confident, socialized dog. As a dog that is traditionally referred to as a bully breed, many doggy daycare centers would turn her away, but at Hounds Town, we believe there’s a place for every dog.

A Challenge at Home

Bella’s story begins at home, where she struggled with aggression towards strangers, even nipping a few. This was mainly because of a lack of leadership in the home, as well as a lack of consistency and boundaries that created territorial aggression.

Dogs can experience behavioral issues in the home that do not exist at Hounds Town because the factors contributing to the issues don’t exist within the store. Despite Bella’s past, Hounds Town saw the potential in Bella and welcomed her into our pack. Our dedicated staff understands dogs like Bella, and through established boundaries, strong leadership, and proper pack curation, Bella has thrived, becoming an integral part of the Hounds Town family.

A Remarkable Transformation

Bella became a shining example of what can be achieved at Hounds Town. Despite her past behavioral issues, Bella found her groove at Hounds Town, displaying a newfound confidence and balanced behavior. This is due mainly to the confidence that the rest of the pack provided to Bella that a human could not. Her progress was so remarkable that she became an invaluable Townie, aiding in the temperament evaluation for new dogs. Bella’s journey gives hope to dog owners seeking a second chance for their furry friends.

Hounds Town has perfected the art of creating an environment rooted in providing dogs with a natural pack environment. This atmosphere allows dogs to thrive, regardless of their background or history.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Bella’s journey is her natural evolution into an important member of her pack. Her owners were pleasantly astounded by this transformation, highlighting the positive impact of our Hounds Town community and unique approach to dog care.

All Are Welcome at Hounds Town

At Hounds Town, we proudly extend a warm welcome to dogs – regardless of breed or history. Bella’s story only reaffirms our unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

To learn more about doggy daycare and the temperament evaluation process, contact your nearest Hounds Town location.