“George to the Rescue” Asks Hounds Town to Lend a Paw

Nov 08, 2019

Pet hotel and boarding Hounds Town USA loves working with rescues, and NBC’s George to the Rescue is no exception! TV star and home renovation expert George Oliphant helps families in need, transforming their homes and, ultimately, changing their lives.

17-year old Cailin Stryska was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of two. The diagnosis meant she wouldn’t walk again, making everyday activities like bathing and even opening doors difficult. The bathroom in her Farmingdale home was so narrow that Cailin prefers brushing her teeth in the kitchen most days. When George heard about her predicament, he swooped in with a stunning home renovation that would give the always-smiling Cailin some freedom and movement with the touch of a button.

george to the rescue - cailin stryska

The only problem? Gutting the downstairs for a George-style renovation meant Cailin’s cats had to be temporarily re-located.  That’s when Hounds Town USA – Ronkonkoma stepped in with a rescue of their own! While George and his team renovated Cailin’s space, her cat “babies” went to Hounds Town’s “Purrington Villas” for spacious boarding and tender loving care. “Thank you, Hounds Town! It meant the world to me to know they were safe,” says Jen Stryska, Cailin’s mom. “The first thing Cailin said after seeing her new space is, ‘Where are my babies?’ You kept them safe!”

To watch Cailin’s touching home renovation story in full, check out the video below from George to the Rescue. And to find out more about boarding your cat or dog in the world’s happiest pet daycare, please visit Hounds Town USA.