Hounds Town Commack Rd. Welcomes Deaf Dog

Apr 22, 2017

Doggie Day Care Hounds Town USA Specializes in Helping Disabled Dogs Socialize

Being deaf has never stopped Luna. A lovely little white bull terrier, Luna had been abandoned at a shelter by her original owners. Over the course of two years, Luna was adopted out and returned twice. After spending the first several years of her life with no home to call her own, Luna got her lucky break when her current owners saw her on News12’s Dog Day Fridays and fell in love. Luna has since enjoyed the life she deserves: trips to the dog park, lots of pets, and now, socialization at doggie day care–an instrumental part of creating balance in a dog’s life, especially for dogs overcoming behavioral issues or living with disabilities like Luna.

Her owner found Hounds Town Commack Rd.–pet care franchise Hounds Town USA’s fourth location–and began bringing Luna there for some interaction. The doggie day care does not breed discriminate, unlike almost every other doggie day care facility in the area, and it also specializes in helping disabled and senior dogs socialize in a pack environment.

“Discriminating against dogs for any reason is wrong,” says Hounds Town USA Founder and President Mike Gould. “It’s similar to a school discriminating against children for being Irish or Italian. The brain of a pit bull is no different than the brain of a poodle. I’m very proud of the fact that our franchisees are able to offer dogs in their communities that may otherwise be denied the option to interact in a doggie day care because of their breed or disability the opportunity to do so. Interactive doggie day care and socialization are essential for dogs to live a balanced and healthy life,” explains Gould.

As the former Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Canine Unit and a former NYPD canine handler, Gould brings more than 35 years of commercial dog training experience to this pet care franchise, which he founded after he retired from law enforcement in 2001. The dog behavior knowledge and strategy for handling and grouping dogs is taught to franchisees like Teri and Thomas Brogden, owners of Hounds Town Commack Rd., which they then implement in their own facilities. Dogs like Luna are then able to enjoy the experience of being social in a natural pack environment. “Hounds Town USA offers every dog the chance to be a dog,” says Gould. Judging by the new friends Luna has made at doggie day care already, including BFF Honeybelle, it looks like she’s fitting in just fine 🙂 “The beauty of dogs is that they don’t judge each other or us,” says Gould.

For more information on Hounds Town USA, visit www.houndstownusa.com.