Hounds Town Helps Dogs Reach Their Full Potential

Mar 31, 2024

Every dog is unique, with its own personality, quirks, and preferences. At Hounds Town, we celebrate this diversity and believe that every pup deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Through our tailored approach to doggy daycare, we provide each dog with the tools they need to thrive and flourish both at Hounds Town and at home.

Tailored Care for Every Dog

We welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities with open arms and wagging tails. Whether your pup leads the pack or perhaps needs some time to warm up, there is a pack for every dog! With 5+ play groups, we’re able to create smaller, more specialized packs, which helps to keep injury rates down and offers shy dogs a chance to come out of their shell.

How Socialization Can Help Your Pet

The benefits of positive socialization extend far beyond the limits of our walls. Dogs who participate in regular socialization activities often experience improved confidence, reduced anxiety, and enhanced communication skills with both dogs and humans. By providing a safe and supportive environment for pups to interact and learn from one another, we help them develop the skills they need to thrive in any situation.

Our fully interactive doggie daycare is designed to allow your dog to play with others in a natural pack environment. In fact, regularly attending daycare is shown to improve dogs’ psychological well-being as well as correct behavioral issues such as leash aggression, excessive chewing, and more.

Townie Testimonials

What an amazing place for your dog. I am a foster mom to a dog that at first was afraid of everything and everyone. Since being at Hounds Town, he has really come out of his shell. He looks forward to going to Hounds Town. I credit the staff here for helping him to lose the fear he had and enjoy his life. You all are amazing! Thank you.” – Sue M.

My 1-year-old dog was struggling with separation anxiety and being shy around other dogs. We started to bring him to Hounds Town when our work schedules changed and he is a new dog now! He opens up to other dogs, has no problem leaving me, and loves it. Everyone there truly loves dogs, making sure they’re happy. Great experience!” Alexa M.

We’re passionate about helping every dog reach their full potential. Join us and see the difference our proven approach to pet care can make in your furry friend’s life. Find your nearest Hounds Town today!