HT Farmingdale Helps Shy Pups Socialize

Mar 15, 2017

Hounds Town Farmingdale Owners Jennifer and Candice Ensure All Dogs Fit in at Doggy Daycare 

It’s all about the dogs at doggy daycare Hounds Town Farmingdale. The interactive pet care facility–one of four Hounds Town USA locations across Long Island–specializes in accommodating bully breeds, disabled and senior dogs, as well as dogs that may need a little extra help, like Ruby. Ruby is a new customer who was very shy when she first set paws in Hounds Town. Some dogs who are not socialized properly when they are younger–which can be common in rescue dogs especially–can need some extra help acclimating to the social environment that Hounds Town offers. “It takes longer for some dogs to be fully comfortable in the social pack environment, but with some time and good experiences most dogs do open up and really enjoy this environment,” say Jennifer and Candice.

Instead of introducing Ruby to a larger and energetic doggy daycare group, the staff took the time to spend Ruby’s first day in a playroom with her amongst just a few other calm dogs. The goal is for Ruby (and dogs like her) to emerge from her shell and become more confident, which can have a domino effect on other parts of her life. More confident dogs have less anxiety, are less prone to behavioral issues like separation anxiety, destruction, and pacing, and lead generally more balanced lives. Interactive doggy daycare offers natural pack socialization for dogs and gives each pup the chance to experience a dog’s life as it was meant to be. Unlike many other pet care facilities, Hounds Town does not breed discriminate, providing the opportunity to socialize, exercise, and make friends to every dog.

For more information on Hounds Town Farmingdale, call 631.465.9170 or visit www.houndstownusa.com.