Remi’s Journey: Special Needs Dogs Thriving at Hounds Town

Sep 15, 2023

In the heart of Hounds Town, amidst the wagging tails and playful paws, there’s a special canine named Remi. A spirited German Shepherd, Remi is just two years old, but she faces a unique challenge—a neurological disorder that occasionally affects her mobility. At Hounds Town, we welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities and feel that every pup has a place in a pack.

Join us as we delve into Remi’s inspiring journey and discover how she found her place at Hounds Town:

A Tail of Transformation:

Remi’s journey began when her owner Jared sought out a positive environment where Remi could not only release her built up energy but also cater to her special needs. Hounds Town was the answer. To the team at Hounds Town, Remi wasn’t different; she was simply another member of their extended canine family.

Integration and Evaluation: 

Remi was introduced to her new pack just like any other pup, with an initial evaluation and temperament test. It wasn’t long before she found her stride in the playrooms, seamlessly blending in with her furry companions. Her dad witnessed a remarkable transformation at home too, as Hounds Town’s helped Remi transform into a happier, better dog.

“Hounds Town has been an absolute game changer for my 1.5-year-old German Shepherd Remy and I. Remy developed a neurological disorder around 6 months of age which is why she walks like a big dope all the time! Even though all she ever wants to do is love and play, her infinite amounts of energy was quickly becoming a challenge. Hounds Town quickly became her favorite place to play and interact with other dogs in a safe and fun environment. I cannot say enough about the entire staff at Hounds Town Ronkonkoma. Their love and passion for dogs is clear and evident the moment you walk in there.  Her experiences are always positive, she is always happy leaving, and shortly tired upon arriving home. I also think that as a young German Shepherd it was incredible exposure to other dogs and it really helped refine some of the minor obedience issues particularly with other dogs.” – Jared Licker, Remi’s owner

Hounds Town Caters to Dogs with Special Needs

While every dog is unique, we at Hounds Town take a holistic approach to care. Although there’s an awareness of the individual requirements of dogs with special needs, our fundamental principles remain the same. We believe that, whether a dog has four legs or three, sight or none, their core needs—love, care and engagement—remain universal.

Remi’s journey is a shining example of the extraordinary care and attention provided at Hounds Town. Her story is a testament to the belief that every dog, regardless of their challenges, can thrive in the right environment. With the right support, our incredible staff at Hounds Town has helped Remi not only overcome her specific circumstances but also flourish into the happy, energetic pup she was destined to be.

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