Rescue Pup Fostered at Local Doggie Daycare

Jun 14, 2017

Hounds Town Commack Rd. Welcomes Jack Russell in Need of Home

At fully interactive doggie daycare Hounds Town USA, it’s not only about providing daycare, boarding, and grooming services to local pets. It’s also about offering these services to less fortunate dogs in the community that could use socialization, a warm bed, and some TLC while they wait to get adopted.

Hounds Town Commack Rd. owners Teri and Thomas recently partnered with Jacks Galore–a Massachusetts-based Jack Russell rescue–to provide a temporary foster home for a dog named Zach. “Zach’s human mom went into hospice,” explains Teri, “and his family didn’t want him and her two other dogs.”

Teri and Thomas offered little Zach a spot at their new doggie daycare location in Deer Park while Zach awaited transportation to the rescue in Massachusetts. Zach got his own luxury suite, and the opportunity to relax and decompress after a stressful transition from the only home he knew. During the day, Zach participated in doggie daycare–playing and interacting with other dogs. The socialization can do wonders for dogs under stress and suffering from anxiety, as dogs are pack animals and often need each other to feel safe and secure. The time at a doggie daycare also helps the rescue get an understanding of a dog’s behavior, and allows them to place a dog in the best home.

After more than a week at Hounds Town Commack Rd., Zach was transported to the rescue where he awaits a new home and a new beginning. Although he is 8 years old, Zach still enjoys walks and playing ball. For more information on him, visit www.jacksgalore.org.