The New Dog Parent’s Guide to Dog Daycare

Jun 12, 2018

We’re completely and totally pumped about how close we are to opening the best dog daycare in Bergen County. It’s a great opportunity for your dog to get to know some of their neighbors in a controlled environment managed by canine experts. But, before you take the leap, it’s always a good idea to know what it is that makes a great pet facility.

That’s why when we ran across an in-depth article just jam-packed with information to help you and your dog have the best experience possible, we knew it would be a perfect kick off to this important topic. Dr. Marty Becker hits all the right notes when it comes to what to look for in a dog daycare.

It may seem obvious that a dog daycare new to the area would post a guide to choosing a daycare to their blog, but we actually found the article below from VetStreet to be really useful. In this article, not only does Dr. Becker explain the benefits of a dog daycare, like giving your dog more time and opportunity to exercise, along with plenty of company, he points out specific things to watch for.

We want your dog to have a great time with us, no matter what breed or age

It’s very well-rounded, in our opinion, and is full of a lot of the advice we provide to all of our clients at our other facilities. We at Hounds Town USA have been around for nearly 20 years, and our Founder has a rich history in commercial dog management, and we want our clients to take comfort in our expertise.

Perhaps most importantly, the writer discusses what types of dogs do best in daycare and which might be better left to watch TV on the couch. Not every dog is a good fit for daycare, based on their past experiences with other dogs or simple inborn tendencies, like severe anxiety, or even age. But, for those that are, this piece includes plenty of tips to make your dog’s (and your) experience at daycare amazing.

We want your dog to have a great time with us, no matter what breed or age, but sometimes it takes a little prep and doing a bit of homework to make it happen. This is why we’re going to be bringing you the best resources on the web right here, in this blog, twice a week.

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Here’s the link to that article.

We can’t wait to meet your dog!

Source: http://www.vetstreet.com/dr-marty-becker/how-to-know-if-doggy-day-care-is-right-for-your-dog