Meet the Irresistible Mutt “Mayors” at Doggie Daycare!

Dec 27, 2019

Did you think humans run the show at Hounds Town USA? Think again! This doggie daycare is the only place in the country where dogs get to be dogs. They jump, hump, and dump all day long without a care in the world. But just like every good pack of dogs, they need a leader. Meet the unofficial canine “mayors” of the franchisees, and find out how they’ve changed their Hounds Town locations for the better.

Jack, Mayor of Hounds Town – Bergen

dog daycare - bergen - new jersey - hounds town

Jack was found on the streets with his sisters, Janet and Chrissy, in August of 2018. Dumped by his owners, he was transported to the Bergen County Animal Shelter and was desperate to find a new home. The shelter sent Jack to Hounds Town – Bergen for training and a little TLC. Hounds Town hoped to get him adoption-ready. The only problem? The staff fell in love with this beagle beauty, and they decided to adopt Jack themselves! These days Jack is a training dog at Hounds Town, and he quickly worked his way up to Mutt Mayor there. According to owner Steven Garibell, “Jack really helps bring the Hounds Town team together. He keeps all the dogs—and humans–in line!”

Jack’s Pup Profile

Personality traits: Ultra dramatic

Special Needs: Jack needs his emotional support human, Steve, with him always.

Superpower:  Talented con artist

Naughtiest thing he’s ever done:  Teaching all the younger pups to howl

Sweetest thing he’s ever done: He’s a cuddler! Jack helps the nervous pups feel safe.

Relationship status: Sorry, ladies, this pup is spoken for…by steady girlfriend, Penny!

Children: Jack fathered a trio of beagles (don’t tell Penny) that were also fostered at Hounds Town.


Brindle, Mayor of Hounds Town – Port Jefferson

The only cat on the list—Brindle, a long-haired tortie–came to Hounds Town – Port Jefferson through Last Chance Animal Rescue. Hounds Town owner Marianne Carrano Deszcz agreed to house the cat in her lobby, hoping that one of her customers would adopt the stern-looking feline. As time went by, Deszcz realized that whenever she let Brindle out of the cat room, the cat had zero interest in leaving. She had no desire to go in the back with the dogs or outside. She was content to sit on the counter for the entire day. Deszcz herself was pregnant when cat boarding - port jefferson - bergenBrindle first arrived, and the cat spent many hours sitting on her pregnant belly. Five years later, Brindle remains unfazed by dogs and cats and pretty much everything except people food (which she adores). Most days you can find Brindle living happily on her counter at Hounds Town – Port Jefferson, almost smiling.


Brindle’s Cat Profile

Breed – Tortie Cat

Age – 6 years old

Favorite pastimes – eating fast food and sitting on pregnant women

Personality trait – generally not caring about anything

Superpower – strategically placing herself in holiday decorations


Roscoe, Guardian of Hounds Town – Port Jefferson

roscoe - pit bull - doggie daycare mayor

If you’ve ever been to Hounds Town – Port Jefferson, chances are you’ve probably met (or been scared by) Roscoe, the franchise’s resident pit bull. Roscoe came to the popular dog daycare for boarding through a (now defunct) rescue group in 2012. Due to severe behavioral issues, the rescue lost interest in attempting to place the pit bull and eventually forgot the boarding franchise even had him. In 2013, Hounds Town owner Marianne Carrano Deszcz forced the group to relinquish Roscoe to her, and she has cared for her pit friend ever since. Roscoe loves all dogs and cats, but he is still extremely uncomfortable around people he doesn’t know. He prefers to sleep in the Hounds Town lobby at night, protecting his home and animal friends from the many, many invaders.

Roscoe’s Pup Profile

Age: 8

Breed: Pit Bull

Superpower: Terrifying strangers

Personality trait: Doesn’t play by the rules (he loves cats!)

Dead giveaway it’s Roscoe: Snorting like a warthog


Tank, Mayor of Hounds Town USA – Pittsburgh

doggy daycare - pittsburgh - tank - hounds town

This 68-pound “Tank” of a dog was found tied to a tree before being rescued and brought to the Butler County Humane Society. Tank was starving when they found him, and his fur had all but fallen off. As soon as he laid eyes on Tank, Joe Allbaugh–Hounds Town – Pittsburgh Strip District owner–knew that this single blue-eyed pup was destined to be his dog. After being fostered by Allbaugh at Hounds Town for 3 weeks, the newly opened dog daycare welcomed their new mayor, Tank, with open paws.

Tank’s Personality Profile

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Boxer/Pit Mix

Personality trait: Thinks he’s the boss.

Superpower: An irresistible face.

Skills: Tank is used as the “temperament test” dog for incoming dogs at Hounds Town.

Favorite pastimes: riding in the car and camping with his favorite human.


“Zooming” Rosie, Mayor Hounds Town – Ronkonkoma

Doggie Daycare

Rosie is a very special dog. Found in Armenia by a rescue who learned that the sweet pup had been abused so badly that it left her with a broken back. Permanently paralyzed, Rosie was in need of a wheelchair just to walk. With a passport in paw and a new set of wheels, Rosie flew to America in hopes of a fresh start. One day, while zooming up Runyon Canyon in her wheelchair, Rosie ran into Hounds Town USA founder Michael Gould and President Jackie Bondanza who were hiking. “Once we realized she was up for adoption, we had to have her. We knew right away that Rosie was meant to be our dog,” says Bondanza. “Hounds Town is all about acceptance and non-discrimination for all dogs,” she says. “Rosie represents everything we stand for completely.”

Rosie’s Pup Profile

Age: 2 to 3 years old

Story behind her name: She zooms around in her wheelchair so quickly that she sometimes tips it over!

Personality trait: Feisty. Rosie plays with the big dogs almost like she is a big dog and doesn’t let her disability or size get in the way.

Superpower: Resilient and inspiring. She is always happy and loves being near people. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body despite all that she has been through. She’s a life-changing dog for all the dogs and humans at Hounds Town – Ronkonkoma.

Secondary superpower: She can hear a wrapper open within a 5-mile radius.

Relationship Status: Loyal Rosie only has eyes for her number one fella, Squirt!

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