Turning Aggression into Harmony: Axel’s Journey at Hounds Town

Sep 29, 2023

At Hounds Town, we have a unique approach to dog care. We know that every dog is an individual with their own needs and behaviors, and our philosophy centers around harnessing their natural instincts and providing an environment for them to just be dogs. Our spotlight Townie this week is Axel, a German Shepherd who is evidence that dogs truly thrive when allowed to express their natural instincts. 

A New Perspective at Hounds Town

Axel’s family was having trouble with her before coming to Hounds Town. They described her as “a handful” and she displayed a great deal of leash aggression. This made it difficult for Axel to do well at traditional doggy daycare centers or big-box pet stores. 

While at these facilities, Axel had a tendency to bark often and then be reprimanded with water to fix her behavior—however this was just Axel displaying normal dog mannerisms. These previous experiences only worsened her leash aggression. Our training philosophies at Hounds Town are different—we don’t view barking as a negative behavior, but rather how dogs communicate.

When Axel first came to Hounds Town, our expert staff saw a need for a different approach. We understood that her behavior was rooted in her natural dog instincts, and we focused on working with these instincts rather than against them. 

Because we understand the nature of leash aggression, Axel’s evaluation was successful, and she has been able to make incredible process since becoming a Townie. Her transformation was not about correcting her behavior but allowing her to express herself in a controlled and balanced way. 

Before her time with us, Axel’s family had contemplated rehoming her due to her challenging behavior. Thanks to the environment she found at Hounds Town, she was able to stay with her family in a loving home. 

A Bright Future for Axel

Axel’s story doesn’t end there. She still regularly visits Hounds Town for daycare and boarding, enjoying the natural pack environment that has become her second home. She is even able to walk calmly past other dogs on her way in because her leash aggression is now understood and handled properly. This transformation is a testament to our philosophy that embraces dogs’ natural behavior and provides a space for them to flourish. We at Hounds Town understand the “dog brain” and embrace the real needs of our furry friends. We also have a commitment to educating our dogs’ families about our approach so they can emulate that environment at home. 

Axel’s journey is just one example of many, demonstrating the potential that lies within every dog. It’s a reminder that with the right environment and by simply allowing dogs to just be themselves, you can truly transform their behavior in a positive way.

If your canine companion is exhibiting challenging behavior like Axel was, our doggy daycare may be just what they need! Book your dog a free evaluation today at your local Hounds Town location.