Bergen County Doggie Daycare Offers Life-Changing Experiences for Pups

Mar 07, 2020

How a Doggie Daycare in Bergen County Reunited One Pup with Her Family 

Hounds Town – Bergen County manager Bob Bergamini describes how he helps pups socialize and thrive at the interactive doggie daycare, and how the doggie daycare in Bergen helped one dog and her long-lost brother reunite.

“One of the major benefits of interactive doggie daycare at Hounds Town is building confidence through socialization. The interaction with other dogs is very important, but also the human interaction and handling by daycare staff plays a major role in helping develop trust and improved dog to human social skills.

Maddie, a 1 year old, 25 lb. Terrier/Hound mix, was rescued from a rural North Carolina shelter in October 2018 and transported north to New Jersey, where she spent a month in a foster home before being adopted by a wonderful loving family. She was with a brother and sister when she pulled from the shelter and was notorious for hiding behind her brother, who was much more confident than her at an early age.

Maddie started attending daycare at Hounds Town – Bergen County last March. When she first came to Hounds Town, she was very timid and overwhelmed by the new surroundings. The first couple of visits, she was very hesitant and unsure of the Hounds Town staff, who were strangers that were handling her.

Maddie had a very timid personality and was a little apprehensive about entering play areas, not because of the dogs, but the human handlers. Once she was in she was great when with every introduction with any dog she met.

After a few visits, we began to see a transformation with Maddie. She would enter the lobby with excitement and a willingness to go with the Hounds Town employees. She now comes to daycare regularly with a big smile on her face and has become a favorite at Hounds Town Bergen.

With her exuberant personality and love for other dogs, Maddie is often used by the Hounds Town staff to evaluate new dogs. She is now often just as excited to meet new humans, as she is with other dogs.

In July of last year, Maddie and the Hounds Town staff go a special surprise when Maddie’s brother Argo started coming to daycare. It was a nice out of the blue reunion for Maddie. They both now attend daycare regularly and get to spend lots of fun time playing together.”

For more information on Hounds Town – Bergen, visit www.houndstownusa.com.