Disabled Dogs Thrive at Hounds Town USA

Oct 22, 2016

Since the day Hounds Town USA first opened its doors 15 years ago, the fully interactive doggie daycare and overnight boarding facility has welcomed dogs of all sizes, breeds, and disabilities. “We’ve had deaf dogs, blind dogs, 3-legged dogs, and dogs will all kinds of physical disabilities come and interact here at doggie daycare,” says Mike Gould, founder of Hounds Town USA. Mike is a retired Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Canine Unit and he helped found the canine unit for the NYPD. With 35 years of commercial dog training experience, Mike made a point of establishing the first Hounds Town USA with an open door policy for bully breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers, and German Shepherds, as well as disabled dogs that would benefit from socialization and exercise. “Dogs have an amazing adapting capability that allows them to function without even realize they have a disability like blindness,” says Mike. A few years ago, Hounds Town Ronkonkoma had a group of dogs that included a deaf dog, a blind dog, a three-legged dog, and a 14-year-old. “ You wouldn’t have been able to pick the disabled dogs out of the pack,” explained Mike.

Kody is a perfect example of a dog that can thrive in a fully interactive doggie daycare environment. Kody is a mutt who lost his leg to cancer, but he gets along just fine on three! Along with his brother Riley, Kody has been a Hounds Town Farmingdale customer since 2013. His parents recently got married, so the two boys checked in to Hounds Town Farmingdale for some doggie R&R.

Hounds Town USA is proud to be the only doggie daycare in the area that does not discriminate against dogs. Since its inception in 2001, Hounds Town USA has hosted more than 500,000 canine visitors, and many of them have been turned away from nearby facilities simply because of their breed, age, or physical disability.