Homeless Pup Finds Love at Hounds Town this Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2018

Doggie Daycare Extends a Helping Paw to Dog in Desperate Need of Help

At Hounds Town USA, we love dogs of ALL breeds, shapes, and sizes all year round. Through our philanthropic entity, Hounds Town Charities, all Hounds Town locations play an important role in aiding those less fortunate animals in their communities by providing discounted doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming services.

This Valentine’s Day, a very special dog named Clark reminds all of us why this effort is so important, and that reaching out a helping hand can change a dog’s whole world. Clark’s story is told my Marianne Carrano Deszcz, owner of doggie daycare Hounds Town Port Jefferson, who was that hand for Clark.

In early January, Clark was picked up from the Union County shelter in South Carolina and brought here to Long Island through foster based rescue Last Chance Animal Rescue. He went into a foster where it was discovered that he was completely unable to live in a home and not even the slightest bit crate or house trained. The group reached out to me to see if I could help.

Of course I could help.

He was brought to Hounds Town Port Jefferson on a Wednesday night. By Thursday evening it was apparent something was very wrong with him. He had no control over his urine or his bowels, and cowered at everything.

Friday morning he began bleeding rectally and his entire bottom was swollen. He went to the vet where it was discovered he had an anal gland infection and worms. I took him back and put him in isolation – for both his own health and the health of our campers. 

By Monday he had improved but was still leaking feces. Back to the vet he went.

I met with Dr. Molnar, the head veterinarian at Shinnecock Animal Hospital. He gave Clark a thorough once over. He determined Clark had suffered a pelvic trauma at some point that was untreated and didn’t heal properly. (It made sense given he was living on the streets before the shelter got him.) He was unsure if Clark will ever get full control over his bowels again since there is apparent nerve damage. He suggested working with him on strengthening his entire back end to see if that would compensate for the lack of muscles in his rectum.

I brought him back to Hounds Town Port Jefferson and I spoke with my staff regarding a game plan. I got him hemp oil treats for general conditioning. Manager Erin started giving L-Lysine for his immune system. Groomer Kayla started doing doggie squats with him. Emily, Mike & Nick saw to it that he had lots of space to run and get a good work out.

Within a week he was no longer leaking urine and he is well on his way to being able to hold his bowels.

He is now home with me, adjusting to being a house. He’s confused by absolutely everything but giving it his best effort to figure out things like leashes, stairs, toddlers, teenagers, grass and tall men with a lot of hair. I never recommend introducing a dog into a home with small children without proper supervision, especially a dog with an unknown history. My training, education and professional experience will keep all parties concerned safe and healthy. 

We have a feeling Clark has found his forever home 🙂

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