Doggie Daycare from a Pup’s Perspective

Feb 21, 2017

Winter Break GoPro Contest Winners Show us What Doggie Daycare is Like from Two Feet off the Ground

GoPro contest winners Rubble (a big goofy lab) and Freddy (a small goofy lab mix) won the coveted “GoPro” spots in their play groups today because their parents are, well, awesome, and submitted videos of each pup getting excited to come to doggie daycare at Hounds Town. A quick pep talk from human to dog about some directing tips and how to keep the talent happy, and they were off! After fellow lab Brady assumed the camera was a snack and attempted to eat it, Rubble got to business as the first up. He soon discovered the GoPro straps were more fun to play with than to wear. He captured some ideal close up footage of the inside of good old Brody’s mouth.

Over in Room 1, Freddy led the charge on getting some good pup footage. Friends including Hounds Town regulars Peppa, Brody, and Souvlaki were verrrrrryyyyy interested in what Freddy was wearing. Wasn’t too long before cute boxer Willy discovered the entertainment in pulling Freddy with the straps. Not surprisingly, Freddy obliged.

Both pups won 50% off their next day at the spa and the MVP (Most Valuable Pup) title of their group today! What a HOWLin’ good time had by all.