Helping Dogs Cope with Separation Anxiety Through Doggy Daycare

Feb 29, 2024

As a growing number of employers are requiring staff to return to the office, many pet owners are facing the challenge of helping their furry companions cope with separation anxiety. In a recent survey of 1,000 companies, 51% of employers currently require some or all employees to work in person, with 90% of companies planning a complete return-to-office policy by the end of 2024.

The transition back to the office can be particularly stressful for dogs accustomed to having their owners at home. Separation anxiety, characterized by behaviors like excessive barking, destructive chewing, and accidents in the house, can manifest in pets when left alone for extended periods.

At Hounds Town, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of this transition on dogs and the positive role that doggy daycare can play in alleviating their distress. Our facilities provide a safe, stimulating environment where dogs can socialize, exercise, and receive the attention they need while their owners are away. It’s about disrupting dogs’ everyday routines, where they depend on humans, and reintroducing them to an environment that allows them to express their innate behaviors as canines. Dogs are naturally social pack animals, so being at Hounds Town, where we recreate a natural pack setting, feels instinctively comfortable for them. Here, they regain confidence by being among their packmates, who provide mutual support.

A Happy Ending: Rocket Finds Comfort and Joy at Dog Daycare

One such success story comes from our Hartford franchisee, Bob LeBlanc, who met Roberto and his 6-month-old Shiba Inu, Rocket, at the West Hartford Dog Park. Roberto, who faced long shifts at Hartford Healthcare and living in a high-rise apartment, was looking for a solution to address Rocket’s separation anxiety. He was concerned when he left for work, Rocket whined incessantly, worrying neighbors and apartment management.

After passing the temperament test, Rocket began coming to daycare 3-5 days a week. The results have been life-changing. Since joining the Hounds Town pack, Rocket has blossomed into a more confident and well-adjusted pup. His time at daycare has not only alleviated his separation anxiety but on the days when Rocket is home, he is sleeping off his Hounds Town Hangover and resting up for his next day of play.

Dogs playing at Hounds Town in Hartford, CT

Rocket’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of doggy daycare in helping dogs cope with separation anxiety. As workplaces continue to reopen, we remain committed to providing pet owners with a reliable solution for their furry friends.

Bring Your Pet in Hounds Town Doggy Daycare

If you’re facing challenges with your pet’s separation anxiety, try out our interactive dog daycare services (your first day is free!). Our trained staff members are dedicated to ensuring that every dog feels safe, engaged, and part of a pack, while in our care. 

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