Hounds Town TV Highlights Local Animal Shelter

Feb 12, 2018

Doggie Daycare Hounds Town USA Uses Platform to Help Local Animal Shelter

Hounds Town TV has taken its show on the road! Last week, doggie daycare franchise Hounds Town USA filmed their newly-launched video podcast at a local shelter, to highlight the work the shelter is doing to improve adoption rates, improve public interaction with the shelter, and to create a better experience for the animals in their care. Hounds Town USA founder Mike Gould has a long history with the Long Island shelter: his first canine partner in the NYPD canine unit was from the Smithtown shelter, and Gould has worked with the shelter on and off for many years to assist with behavioral training for the dogs transitioning in and out. Through the doggie daycare’s philanthropic entity–Hounds Town Charities–Gould donates his time to provide free behavioral assessments and training for the dogs in the shelter.

Since launching Hounds Town TV last month, Gould says the video podcast has provided an important visual for customers, our shelter partners, and the public. “I think it’s critical to get out there into the communities our five locations are serving and in which our businesses operate and hear from people,” explains Gould. “Hounds Town TV provides us the opportunity to be in the know about what’s going on in our own backyards, and it helps to highlight some of the issues–both positive and negative–that affect our pets, their owners, shelters, rescues, and the general community.” The value of the show is the platform it provides for a discussion on pet-related issues, will the goal of increasing the quality of life of our beloved pets.

“We are thrilled to announce that since the taping of this show, long-term resident Hennessy has been adopted!” says Gould. Thanks in part to the behavioral work he did with the pit/boxer mix, and in part to the staff and volunteers, Hennessy came a long way and is now in a loving home.

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