The Top Ways to Know if Your Dog Likes Daycare

Jun 15, 2023

There’s no better feeling than coming home to your dog excitedly greeting you after a long day away. But the heartbreak sets in when you have to leave again for work or school, knowing that your pup will be home alone.

If your dog spends six to eight hours alone each day, doggy daycare could be a great fit for them. You may wonder, how do I know if my dog likes daycare? Let’s explore everything you need to know about doggy daycare at Hounds Town.

Some tell-tale signs that your dog is happy at daycare include:

Excitement at Arrival: 

When you arrive at Hounds Town, keep an eye out for your dog’s reaction. A clear sign of their love for doggy daycare is an enthusiastic response. Look out for wagging tails, excited barks, and a genuine eagerness to enter the facility. These happy vibes indicate that your furry friend is pumped up for a day of fun with their daycare buddies.

Exhausted but Happy:

A full day of play can be tiring for our furry friends. If your dog returns home from doggy daycare happily exhausted, it’s a positive sign that they had a great time! Dogs who are mentally and physically stimulated tend to sleep better and are even tired the next day, something we like to call a Hounds Town Hangover.

Positive Behavior Changes:

Regular daycare has great benefits for your dog’s overall behavior and temperament. If you notice improvements in your dog’s social skills, reduced anxiety, or overall obedience, it is likely a testament to their positive experiences at Hounds Town. Engaging in regular play and socialization can provide mental and physical stimulation, contributing to a well-balanced and happy dog.

Dog daycare is an excellent way for your furry friend to get the daily engagement and exercise they need. Even better? At Hounds Town, we always group our dog packs by size, energy level, and play style, so your dog is sure to feel comfortable and happy during playtime.

If you’re seeing wagging tails, improved behavior, and Hounds Town Hangovers, you can rest assured knowing that your pup is having a great time at Hounds Town daycare!

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