How To Know If Your Dog Is Ready For Doggie Daycare

Jun 13, 2018

Because we love your dog at least as much as you do, we also want your dog to love coming to Hounds Town – Bergen. Visiting doggie daycare should never feel like a punishment for the dog, and ensuring that your dog is properly evaluated and acclimated into our environment will ensure a lifetime of interactive play and socialization for your dog, and worry free and reliable pet care service for you.

Today’s article is by applied animal behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB. Although it’s from 2014, the same rules still apply. Dogs will be dogs, after all. Not only does she raise some interesting points, she’s got a suggested reading list for those of you who are serious about considering the doggie daycare possibilities for your canine pal.

Dr. Patricia B. McConnell is an applied animal behaviorist that has some very distinct opinions on dog daycares. She has opinions on other things, too, and her blog is quite good. As a behaviorist, she’s got the right kind of knowledge to paint in the subtleties of which dogs are great fits for our services and which dog daycares are good fits for your family. For example, you want to ensure that any doggie daycare facility groups dogs by size, temperament, and personality, and is not mixing small and large dogs in groups.

Doing so can create an unsafe environment for all of the dogs in the group. At Hounds Town, we have developed a soft science method–rooted in our nearly 40 years of dog management experience–of placing dogs in play groups based not only on size, but personality and temperament. Considering all of these factors  is the key to creating a safe environment, and to optimizing the dog’s experience with us.

There’s also the matter of dog to person ratio. That’s something we’re really aware of at Hounds Town and why we maintain a high dog to human ratio. Our facilities are staffed by trained pet care professionals, and our staff is even certified in doggie CPR and First Aid. We want your dog to have an amazing visit and want to come back for more. That good kind of sleepy is our goal every day.

Please, go read this article by Dr. McConnell.

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Source: http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theotherendoftheleash/doggy-day-care-fun-for-fido-or-not