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By Jeannine. Nov 08, 2019

“George to the Rescue” Asks Hounds Town to Lend a Paw

Pet hotel and boarding Hounds Town USA loves working with rescues, and NBC’s George to the Rescue is no exception! TV star and home renovation expert George Oliphant helps families in need, transforming their homes and, ultimately, changing their lives. 17-year old Cailin Stryska was diagnosed… Read more

By Jeannine. Oct 29, 2019

Hounds Town USA Nominated Best of Long Island!

Congratulations to doggy daycare Hounds Town USA for their Best of Long Island nomination! Pup parents everywhere are casting their 2020 ballots for the best L.I. pet daycare and boarding facility. If your dog is one of the “happiest on earth,” just log on to… Read more

By Jeannine. Oct 19, 2019

The Rescue Dog that Helped One Family Cope with Loss

The past few years haven’t been easy for the Stoll family. Several years ago, Ronnie’s husband was diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer. She decided to rescue a 2 ½-year old pitbull mix named Petey to keep her husband company during the day. Petey was… Read more

By Jeannine. Oct 02, 2019

Happy Anniversary to Island Park’s Happiest Dog Daycare

It’s party time, and this time pets are welcome! Overnight boarding and dog daycare Hounds Town – Island Park is celebrating its two-year anniversary! Franchisee co-owner Lauren Southard and her partner Jimmy Farrelly decided to become part of the growing pet care franchise back in… Read more

By Jeannine. Sep 27, 2019

How Can I Help My Overweight Dog?

Updated: 5/20/2020 October 9 is Pet Obesity Awareness Day, and interactive doggy daycare Hounds Town USA has gathered a few tips to figure out if your dog is overweight and how to help. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has been studying dog and cat obesity… Read more

By Jeannine. Sep 16, 2019

Dog Daycare Finds Joy in Fostering

Doggy daycare Hounds Town USA regularly works with local shelters and rescues to help dogs in need. And Hounds Town – Garden City is no exception! After opening their popular facility in April, owners Colleen Tracey-Shaver and Anne McDonald immediately began working with the Town… Read more