Puppy Rejected by PetSmart Thrives at Hounds Town

Jun 20, 2017

Hounds Town Farmingdale Welcomes Pit Bull Puppy Turned Down for Doggie Daycare

Can you imagine looking little 5-month-old Rex in the face and telling him he’s not welcome to participate in doggie daycare simply because he looks like a pit bull? That’s what happened when his mom took him to her local PetSmart, hoping to enroll the pup in doggie daycare. Rex was welcomed to board there, but he could not interact with other dogs because of his breed. Then she found Hounds Town Farmingdale. “Rex’s mom left PetSmart pretty much in tears and came to us the same day for an evaluation,” explains Hounds Town Farmingdale owner Jennifer Jung. Jennifer and co-owner Candice were able to place Rex in a group of other dogs, where he can now play and socialize like all puppies should.

“The ignorance of some local pet care facilities is striking,” says VP of Franchising Jackie Bondanza. “The lack of knowledge about dogs and their behavior, and how to properly run an interactive doggie daycare environment forces many facilities to reject ‘bully breeds’ out of fear.” Luckily, the staff and owners of all 4 Hounds Town USA locations are pet care professionals with years of training and dog management experience. Because of this experience and a soft science approach to grouping dogs, Hounds Town USA does not breed discriminate. “I’m very proud of the fact that we welcome ALL types of dogs at our facilities–from pit bulls and Rottweilers to disabled and senior dogs. No dog should be denied the chance to be a dog simply because of their breed,” explains Hounds Town USA CEO and founder Mike Gould. Mike’s experience as a former canine handler for the NYPD and Nassau County, as well as his military working dog handling experience, is at the crux of the soft science that Hounds Town uses to place dogs in appropriate play groups.

While all dogs must pass a no-cost temperament evaluation, all social dogs are welcome to book an appointment. “We have a soft spot for the bully breeds that are misunderstood,” says Jackie. Just like Rex. Thanks to Hounds Town Farmingdale, this cute little pup gets the chance to play and thrive.

For more information on Hounds Town USA, visit www.houndstownusa.com.