Rosie’s Rescue Will Melt Your Heart

Jun 20, 2019

Doggie Day Care Franchise Rescues Abused Pup, Makes Her a Mascot 

Doggie day care Hounds Town USA is a national pet care franchise known for its no-discrimination policy. The popular dog boarding facility welcomes all breeds–big, small, young, and old–as well as special needs animals. Founder Mike Gould says, “We believe all dogs count, and our employees are trained to work with special needs dogs.” President Jackie Bondanza adds, “We build partnerships in the community to help make a difference for dogs in need, including disabled pups who need extra attention.” While they were on a hike in 2019, Mike and Jackie met an abused two-year old terrier that changed everything.

Meet Rosie.

Abuse Left Her Paralyzed

Rosie almost didn’t get a shot at life. Born in Armenia, she was abused and neglected by her owners. The physical abuse was so bad that she suffered a broken back, leaving her paralyzed for life. She couldn’t walk. She could barely move. Rosie almost didn’t make it, but luckily she doesn’t give up that easily. With the help of a wheelchair and the work of Siberian Luna Rescue, Rosie was brought to America.

A New “Leash” on Life

“Zooming” Rosie landed in foster care in Los Angeles, California where she waited patiently for her forever home. But over a year went by and no one wanted to resuce the feisty pup on wheels. That didn’t stop Rosie though. Every weekend, she hiked with her foster mom in Runyon Canyon, wheelchair and all. It was during one of those weekend hikes that Gould and Bondanza met Rosie for the first time. Bondanza knew it was fate, “We got to the top of the mountain, and we saw these two tiny ears come bounding up the other side.” Gould and Bondanza looked at each other and decided instantly.  “We knew that she was meant to be a part of our family.”

From Rescue to Mascot

Rosie is now an adored mascot for Hounds Town Charities, a nonprofit organization that Gould founded in 2011 to help rehabilitate animals. These days, Rosie zooms to different Hounds Town locations to help train new the staff on how to manage disabled dogs. Gould says, “Rosie is so happy and energetic now. Everyone loves her, and she’s making it possible for us to train our staff on caring for disabled dogs.” She also made her debut at the World Dog Expo in New Jersey…along with new boyfriend, Squirt! Together, they showed off their obedience skills on stage in front of a crowd of hundreds. You can do it, Rosie!

To see more of Rosie, check out her rescue video here. And to learn more about Hounds Town Charities or to contribute and help save other dogs in need, please click here.

Hounds Town Charities, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.